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Our Community Commitment

Make a real difference in preventing alcohol and drug abuse (substance abuse) by joining our community coalition in Jacksonville, Florida, today. Safe and Healthy Duval Coalition (SHDC) is a community coalition made up of the people who live, work, and go to school in Duval County. We are committed to gathering data so that we can understand what substance abuse behaviors are challenging adults and youth in Duval County, and the consequences that are related. SHDC helps facilitate the solutions by understanding the reasons people in Jacksonville use drugs, and is focused on positive change through creating a culture in which great choices are valued for all Duval citizens, including our youth. Rather than just getting by, we work to make our community blossom and grow! 

What We Do
More than any other entity, community coalitions really bring together key sectors in a community:
  • Businesses
  • Schools & Youth Serving Organizations
  • Parents & Youth
  • Civic or Volunteer Groups 
  • State & Governmental Organizations
  • Media
  • Law Enforcement
  • Faith Based & Fraternal Organizations
  • Health Care Professionals  

At SHDC, all these groups in our community have to have a seat at the table for us to understand our problems and to develop plans and programs targeted to our community's unique circumstances. The result is a comprehensive, community-coordinated action plan to prevent substance abuse.
About Us
SHDC was formed in March 2008 by a number of like-minded businesswomen working alongside treatment professionals who shared a concern about patterns of alcohol and substance use in Duval County. The current staff has 25 years of combined experience working with critical community issues and solving complex problems. Through the work of the Coalition, SHDC hopes to see Duval County experience:
  1. A change in the culture of Jacksonville to one that supports and applauds  substance-free living.
  2. A reduction in the use of alcohol and drugs by youth.
  3. Less abuse of alcohol by adults.
  4. More opportunities for pro social involvement for teens.
  5. An increased understanding of the threat of the illicit use of prescription drugs. 
  6. A region of opportunity for all our citizens. 

Learn more about our board of directors and staff, who bring diverse and valuable knowledge and experience to the team. 

Join our coalition as we lead the conversation about the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol so we can make great changes. For more information, contact us today.


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Northeast Florida Counts 

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Every drug overdose is preventable! 


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Important Partner Links:

Northeast Florida Counts is a wealth of data available to our community through a collaborative effort of numerous health care, business, government, private and educational organizations across seven counties.  This rich resource is available through this link: www.neflcounts.org.

Since 1992, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) has been training local grassroots groups, known as community anti-drug coalitions, in effective community problem-solving strategies.  SHDC strives to embrace the methods and training provided by CADCA.  Read more here: http://www.cadca.org.

The Institute for Public Health Informatics and Research, a unique partnership between the Duval County Health Department and the University of Florida, College of Medicine-Jacksonville, is a tremendous resource available to help Duval County residents gain an understanding of many challenges facing its citizens through their exceptional data collection and reporting.  http://www.dchd.net/services/hper/new/hper_home2.htm.